Saturday, 27 February 2010

Year of the Tiger - Haiti and Chile

Well, it seems as if we are welcoming in the year of the tiger with a bang. Five Yellow, the dreaded disaster star, has chosen to rear its head early this year. Although I'm not into ominous portents, when Chile followed Haiti I simply had to check out what the deal was. For those who don't know, the most popular time energy system in Feng Shui makes use of nine stars which fly about every year or so, roundabouts February. This year, they make their appearance as follows:

7 3 5
6 8 1
2 4 9

The Chinese have south traditionally on top, so 5 is in the SW. Superimpose those numbers on the map, ladies and gentlemen, and see where the dreaded 5 lands. For those who want more detail, look for the blogs of Feng Shui masters who are actually into the academia of it. Since I only do Feng Shui for exclusive clients these days, I'm even less inclined to waffle than usual.

Anyway, here's my 2 pence worth:

8 White, the auspicious wealth star, in the center. Although supported by the earth energy inherent in the center of the map, it needs a carrier energy. Someone else needs to do the homework here but the direction of the wind (yes, the literal wind, not some obscure Feng Shui reference) blowing out of northern regions of Africa, Saudi Arabia region will determine where the wealth blows. The fact that it is Saudi Arabia we are talking about suggests oil will be involved somehow, but 8 is the image of the mountain, so that is another contradiction in terms. Anyway, that area is going to be doing well.

9 Purple, the auspicious fire star, returns to the NW. That would be North America, folks. I can hardly say anything original without looking as though I was simply relying on political and socio-economic information. So, all I'll say is the 9 is considered helpful, but the combination of 9 in the NW is the "Fire at Heaven's Gate" formation. Expect political shakeups this year. But then you could say that of every year. The good news is we have wealth slowly returning. Take with a pinch of salt. Wash, rinse, repeat.

1 White goes to the W. Again this looks more USA like. Same as above. I did say to wash, rinse and repeat.

2 Black, the illness star, is in the NE. Interesting. Flu and illness outbreaks in Korea, Japan, parts of Russia and possibly China. Will it happen? Try June. The monthly 7 goes to meet it for potential foot and mouth. Don't email me about why I am ignoring 2 and 5 monthly stars in this analysis. It is not academic. As I perceive it, June is the key make or break month.

3 Jade, the argumentative star, goes to the south. I say we can largely ignore 3 Jade this year. Some unrest but the fire of the south should burn it up nicely.

4 Green, the romance and networking star. My read on this star this year is that it is going to be showing its scholarly side more than anything else. That goes to the North. It is strong there, with water to feed it. Our ever handy world map says that Europe is going to be going through a period of re-evaluation of policies. Probably for the best.

5 Yellow, the disaster star: This one goes to the SW of the map. Haiti and Chile. Enough said.

6 White, the general star, visits the east. Normally a benevolent star, I am less sure of it this year. It is a metal star, hacking the eastern wood element. It doesn't help that that is the home of China, the symbolic dragon. I am even more disturbed by this because this is the year of the Metal Tiger. The tiger is wood, so the image of the year is reflected here in real life. I would expect a serious amount of deforestation from this part of the world this year.

7 Red, the politicking and backstabbing star, visits the SE. That's SE Asia and Australia. No comment. Personally I doubt it is going to do that much.

I was going to talk about all the other hidden stuff but I'm feeling as if I've said enough for the moment. This post simply reflects my reading of the flying stars for the year, and not any personal bias or political opinion in one direction or another. As always, take with a pinch of salt.