Sunday, 21 March 2010

On the Art and Skill of Purifying the Awareness

Source/Copyright: Przykuta/Wikimedia

The art of purifying awareness is simple, but not necessarily easy. I'm not exactly in the mood to preach this morning, but thought I'd just note down a few brief comments on it.

To begin with: The skills of purification go from western "releasing negative thoughts" to eastern "purifying the imprints of karma". The idea of letting go of these imprints is that they somehow affect us, not always to our amusement. I won't go into modus operandi - there are plenty of sources for that. More to the point, I'm looking at the main components that make such methodologies work.

Let's work with metaphor as a model. An imprint is like graffiti on a wall. The instinct in dealing with it is to "Erase it all! Mua ha ha!" The temptation is to shower it with the water of positive thoughts, and everything will be just fine. Or will it? Positive thoughts, while potentially beneficial, are just another form of graffiti. You're attempting to overwrite the old stuff by painting it over. It is still beneath the surface. Worse, you have in fact made it more difficult to clean off! And worse yet, the CLOSER it is to the wall, the more power it is able to draw out of your internal energetic circuitry. Ouch. Yep.

So purifying really comes down to 3 components that I can identify offhand. I might develop a better model for this later, but here's what I have:

1. See the graffiti/Awareness - Difficult to purify what you don't know exists.
2. Own the graffiti/Ownership - It doesn't matter how it actually got there. If you don't take responsibility and own it, you can't change it.
3. Release the graffiti/Willingness - Once you own it, you become one with the wall. You don't even have to worry about the graffiti, you can just release it by changing the structure of the wall and the paint will fall off.

We've visited all this in past posts on ROLCE and the like. The key here is that when you take ownership, you gain power over it. Thus, you stop resisting it and the paint loses power to threaten or irritate you somehow. You have to become one with it to dissipate it. It is the art of destroying from within.

Once you have infiltrated it, then it becomes easy. If you make it easy, that is. If you still hold the image of spraying it with water, it becomes difficult again. Instead, regard it as a friend - so much more pleasant to deal with, don't you think? Then you thank it - gratitude always helps. But then imagine it becoming something light and dropping away by itself. Visualisations include blocks floating away in water, becoming smoke or butterflies, or even just shrinking and disappearing into nothing. In all this, one employs the idea of ease and gracefulness. So much easier than struggling with it with a sledgehammer, don't you think?

This has been a pretty pithy post, but that's all I have time for this morning. Happy releasing!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mental Vision Board Affirmations

MVB Purification Statements
I release mental and emotional blocks easily and effortlessly. They are dissolving, dissolving, completely dissolved. My entire being is completely purified.
My mind, body and awareness are now returning to their normal, natural and complete states of perfect health.
All unneeded blockage patterns are released and completely forgotten. My entire being downloads and resides in beneficial, healthy states.
My mind is open, ready and activated to manifest my highest good.
My mind, body and soul automatically work together in perfect harmony to bring light, joy and peace into my life.

Source Empowerment Statements
I willingly surrender old emotional patterns that are no longer beneficial. All blockages are completely dissolved and purified. New, beneficial and helpful patterns are now manifested.
Any previously stuck, hurt or splintered parts of myself are now healed and released. Stagnant energy is purified and flows again. I am completely healed.
I am empowered by the highest sources of Light, warmth, love, wisdom and compassion. This power radiates through me and blesses everyone I have a connection with. This power flows through me into all aspects of life and transforms them for the benefit of all.
My levels of acceptance and openness are increasing. The parts of myself that are ready are now healing, healing, completely healed. I am returning to a natural state of purity, innocence and joy.
Streams of abundance flow naturally and connect with all areas of my life.

General and Project Programming Statements
Each day, I am increasingly successful in every way.
I am completely supported by the universe.
All my projects proceed smoothly and manifest for the best of all concerned. Any apparent setback becomes a golden opportunity to bring about even greater good.
My mind, body and awareness are becoming open to greater and greater possibilities. This fills me with a childlike joy and wonder. All my projects bring great benefit to all beings and in turn receive great help and blessings.

Service Statements
I increasingly enjoy the many blessings manifesting endlessly in my life. I receive these gifts with humility and gratitude. I allow these blessings to overflow through me into all beings. I am becoming a stable anchor for light and love.
My mind, body and awareness are becoming open to greater and greater possibilities. This fills me with a childlike joy and wonder. All my projects bring great benefit to all beings and in turn receive great help and blessings.
Each day, I increasingly embody love, joy, peace, abundance, compassion and wisdom. These energies are transforming all areas of my life for the highest good.

Automating Statements
The tremendous power of this experience immediately manifests great benefits into my life.
My mind, emotions and system continue to accept and install all beneficial changes smoothly and efficiently.
My thought, speech and feeling patterns are completely purified. I patiently and willingly allow these new patterns to transform my life for the better.
These images of success continue to be transformed, purified and empowered for the highest good until it is no longer needed. I rejoice and enjoy the blessings now.
I willingly increase my levels of trust and faith that my highest good manifests, and this attunes my entire being to the ultimate source of abundance.
My mind automatically inspires, downloads and installs my highest vibrations in all areas of life. My sense of enjoyment increases as I welcome these changes into my life.
My mind, body and awareness continue to automatically and smoothly release any remaining blockages and vibrate at the optimal level. My life is constantly evolving into greater purity, love, joy, peace, connection, compassion and wisdom.
Riding on my increasing sense of trust and faith, I allow these energies to continue to transform, heal, attune and empower me for my highest good as I humbly rest in enjoyment and gratitude.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Trading Affirmations

Trader development
I am a successful and profitable trader.
I am a professional currency trader.
I treat my trading as a business with clear and effective goals.
I visualise and plan my day in my mind to maximise my success in the highest good.
I channel my energy effectively, using the ideal trading plan to its maximum and most consistent profitability for me at all times.
I maintain my optimum psychological fitness for trading at all times.
I maintain perfect clarity of mind and emotional balance in my trading.
Every single day is a positive experience, and this continues to reinforce successful trading habits for me.
I plan my trading and plan my profits.
I trade to earn my optimum amount of profits in my highest good. Any learning that enhances my optimum profits occurs easily, naturally and efficiently.
My mind and body quickly draw me to the best trades available.
My trading skills develop quickly each day, giving more consistent and greater profits.
I make consistently good trading decisions to make the greatest and most consistent profits for me.
My mind, emotions and body develop and easily maintain perfect psychological and trading discipline.
Each day, in every way, I am becoming a better trader.

State triggers
Each trading session, I attain my best trading state smoothly and instantly.
Every time I put the first three fingers of either hand together like this [join first three fingers], I will instantly trade at the optimum level.

Maintaining balance
All outer and inner events serve to improve my trading performance.
All previous emotional blocks are now melting away, widening my trading perception and enhancing my abilities.
I follow my trading plan easily and effortlessly, yet I am always aware of when to change it for maximum and consistent profitability.
I feel a beneficial sense of confidence in myself and my trading at all times.

Trading plan
I develop and apply strategies successfully and profitably.
I have an optimal level of confidence in my trading strategies for maximum profitability.
I take each trade correctly, confidently and with ease.

Each time I look at a chart or trade, my mind accelerates my learning and understanding of price to its optimum level.
I am discovering and learning profitable new ways to trade each day.
Trading is effortless for me, and my abilities increase all the time.
I am able to easily use each strategy to its optimum profitability.
My mind, emotions and psychology easily and quickly adapt to optimally use each strategy.
My mind integrates all information relevant to trading efficiently and to my greatest benefit.

Trading brings in greater and greater profits for me.
I trade consistently and congruently in every way.
I fully benefit from the financial freedom that trading brings me. This is increasing all the time.
My trading is becoming more and more effortless and profitable at the fastest rate.
The profits from my trading supplies all my financial requirements and more.
I live a life of abundance.

My mind quickly absorbs and processes these beneficial programming statements. Each time I repeat them, the effect will increase at an accelerated rate. I use these skills for the benefit of all.