Wednesday, 1 April 2009

So What Is Coaching All About?

So what happens during my coaching sessions?

Basically, there are three "limbs" of coaching for me: Body, Mind and Spirit

These are symbolic of three levels of expression at which change is effected. Typically, someone will come to me because they want to see a change in their physical circumstances. That is normal. The odd one will be ready to see purely spiritual change, but that is rare. Some will want to learn new techniques for the mind. Or a mix of those. It's all valid.

I offer my knowledge and experience at all three levels, which is extensive. The basic philosophy of each level is unique, and so perhaps it is best to clarify it with this post.


The body is about action, strategy and dynamism.

The philosophy is that of the Cheetah:

"With the goal clearly in mind, I conserve my energy, planning wisely to take the actions highly likely to succeed. When I act, I move with the perfect amount of energy needed, not one bit more and not one bit less."

We bring clarity to the clients' actions, facilitating planning and clarity to their goals, and then preparing them for the action so that when they do act, their actions are uninhibited and deadly effective. This is often asking the correct questions and bringing the focus to blind spots which they have not considered. In certain cases, direct expertise may be offered.


The mind is like calm, clear water. This is different from most coaching methods, which fill the mind with techniques designed to empower the actions.

The philosophy of the mind is:

"Like the clear water of a lake, my mind is perfectly calm. I am at peace, present and perfectly balanced. My mind flows effortlessly when it is needed. Like water, every movement is fluid and seamless."

The philosophy of the mind is not to use technique to empower the individual, but presence. In being fully present, the mind naturally becomes flexible and can do whatever is needed, transcending the need for success formulae. The process of coaching frees the mind from its original structure, so that it flows like water, which is its original nature.


The spirit is about the conscious awareness that breathes life into the other areas.

The spirit philosophy is that of the Aurora:

"I am light and unfettered with joy, yet I manifest and experience the full grandeur of my Self."

The coaching opens up fetters of identity. It very much recognises the inherent enlightened nature of each person, and brings the conscious awareness to sit more fully in that experience.

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