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Manifestation Series Part 7: The Grand Formula

Source: Wikimedia

I am generally suspicious of any attempt to make the manifestation process into a grand formula, because it has a habit of coming to bits. However, in the spirit of putting everything into equations, I couldn't resist taking another stab at it. Please realise that the universe is far too complex to be put into a specific formula - the equation is more to be a reminder of success components.

Success, S = S (Creation, Attraction) = S(C, A)

Success is a function of the Law of Creation and the Law of Attraction. The Law of Creation allows us to flexibly maneuver our awareness within the sea of awareness, or pure potential, to anchor an awareness in an energetic pattern that supports us. Once rooted into that pattern, we can employ the energies of attraction to magnetise that which we purely desire. We re-Create ourselves in a form that can Attract what we desire.

The facilitator of this simple scheme is the ability of conscious awareness to move flexibly beyond the normal range of thought. Your equation for freeing conscious awareness:

Freedom of conscious awareness, F = F(Intention, Conscious of the content of awareness, Surrender)

Intention is that which mobilises the movement in awareness. It is a very light, very gentle thing. Anything heavier or more forceful tends to create friction, because it is driven by (or at least cultivates a fertile environment for) desperation born of fear. It is pure intention, and it won't be of any surprise now to any reader of this series when I say

Pure Intention = Intention - desperation/fear.

The effect of being conscious of the content of awareness is tricky. You are employing multiple views. Ultimately as awareness fades into the sea of awareness, it becomes pure. However, on the trip there, having a view of what is going on helps. The key is to notice. If I had to give a sub-formula:

Conscious of awareness' content = Noticing content of experience + Insight

Noticing is a third person perspective. It is conscious awareness monitoring itself. Notice when discomfort arises. Notice when pleasure arises. Notice when desperation or fear arises. And based on your observation, explore this further. You will gain the insight necessary to release the chains by which you are bound. The things that hold you back: wanting approval, wanting survival, wanting control (ala Lester Levenson and Sedona Method) or, if you prefer the Hendricks approach: feeling flawed, feeling disloyal or not wanting to abandon, believing success is a bigger burden, the crime of outshining. Notice the stories of justification that arise. Question them with The Work of Byron Katie. You will find the stories to be false. With this insight you will gain the courage to use the third part of the Freedom formula - surrender.

When you have discovered that which holds you back, and you realise it is false, then it is easier to surrender the stories. Surrender is an interesting one to put a formula to. It's a theme I've harped about for quite some time, but never been more specific about. Let's try an equation on that:

Surrender or complete vulnerability = Releasing all inner protective barriers + Willingness to experience whatever comes especially emotionally

This shows a maturity, for in creating complete vulnerability, we no longer feel the urge to lie to ourselves. It cuts through our tendencies to fudge and keep secrets from ourselves. Releasing all the inner barriers is daring to look at yourself in ways that are different from the usual. It may be flattering or not, but if you do not look you can never invoke the perspective. When you no longer hide from your feelings, then no inner gremlin can budge you from your path, because it will have no bargaining chip. All emotional blackmail fails, both from within and without, because you have commited to experience whatever comes completely. The instinct to survive, or wanting to survive, is usually strong. It feels out of control, with no assurance of approval, and all the factors of wanting come into being.

The dying flaring of the ego tries to snatch at bits and crumbs of stories to make the pain more bearable. However, determined willingness to experience, and experience fully, the brunt of what comes, will drive back these illusions. It is like a dam has broken and water has poured forth. It is not your part to save a dam that is broken. It is your part to experience and survive the flow of energies released, and live to rebuild something even more glorious. Attempting to build yourself too early results in suppression, and ultimately even more heartache in the long run.

That's a lot of equations. I want to put out just one more, without too much elaboration, on the nature of conscious awareness' aspects itself. This equation is less about doing, but more a statement about how conscious awareness automatically moves and functions.

Conscious awareness, C = C(Masculine principle, Feminine principle)

The masculine principle is that energy which arises dynamically. It is taking action. It is belief. It is the building of thought structures. It has to do with strategising, implementing, sustaining, growing. As conscious awareness grows in passion, the masculine principle often takes its form. But underneath all this activity is the yin side, the feminine principle. The feminine principle has to do with what awareness is rooted in, what identity has been created. Both complement each other. The masculine principle initiates, the feminine principle supports, but the masculine cannot exist without the feminine, and thus the feminine comes first.

And as we come to the end, we have to ask what creates the whole impulse for the manifestation process to begin. What is the initial spark of attraction?

Impulse of manifestation = Self-arising Volition (not Will, which is a masculine principle force) + Awareness + Harmonic resonance

I'll leave you to ponder that. It has great implications for the issue of free will.

Manifestation Series Part 6: Continuing to Ride the Wave

This book was just recommended to me by a mentor. And I had not seen her this persistent about a book since my first brush with the Sedona Method, so I went with the recommendation and purchased it. It rocks. I'm not going to do a book review, so purchase it if you want, because it's worth every penny.

However, what Gay Hendricks has to say is very relevant to the manifestation process. He talks about the Upper Limit Problem - how we sabotage ourselves when things are going well. Looking at why we do that is very pertinent to understanding the blind spots of our consciousness. What I have here is my interpretation of his work, which may or may not be what he is saying.

He lists four reasons why we have an Upper Limit. I also see that as four reasons why we sabotage our energies to attract non-ideal situations. It can be created at the physical level, but it is also created at the spiritual level. Without further ado:

Hidden Barrier 1: Feeling Fundamentally Flawed

The book says of this barrier:

"I cannot expand to my full creative genius because somethig is fundamentally wrong with me."

This has to do with the issues of deserving already covered in post 1 of this series. In order to surpass that, we need to sit in the awareness of our larger identity, and through that root our awareness in how we truly deserve what we desire. It also limits what we dare to hope for because we feel it is not in our domain of desire. We need to use the Law of Creation to change that.

In addition to the deserving issues, what may come up is the belief of lack of capability to carry something out.

Hidden Barrier 2: Disloyalty and Abandonment

I think it best to quote Mr Hendricks' mantra on this here:

"I cannot expand to my full success because it would cause me to end up all alone, be disloyal to my roots, and leave behind people from my past."

This one was interesting for me, particularly because I had chosen such a unique path in life. I realised that I did indeed have some of this barrier myself, even though I thought I had cleared it out. Releasing the wanting approval, wanting control and wanting survival around this is the best way, so Sedona Method style questioning is my recommendation of choice.

Hidden Barrier 3: Believing that More Success brings a Bigger Burden

"I cannot expand to my highest potential because I'd be an even bigger burden than I am now."

This one is the guilt trip. It depends on the story generated on how your success would impact those around you. You can see the pattern emerging here. The first barrier is around the desire, the beginning, the belief of capability and the deserving. The second barrier is around the past, its history, and the uncertainty of the future/doing something new. This third barrier is around fear of the impact of your success on those around you. The easiest way to bring it up is to visualise your success, and notice how easily it fits into your vision. If it is a standalone and you're being vague about how it fits into your life, then chances are good this barrier is present.

Hidden Barrier 4: The Crime of Outshining

"I must not expand to my full success, because if I did I would outshine ______ and make him or her look or feel bad."

Another guilt trip, again associated with the future, but also related to the past. This is the paradigm of the gifted child who does not want to outshine his parents. A lot of this lies in playing a mental script about what the impact of your success is on others, which may or may not be true. This may sound cruel, but it is not your business. Your internal state is your business. Another person's is his business. You can do everything in your power to make another happy, but they still may not be. Their happiness is their responsibility. Take care of your own.

Manifestation Series Part 5: Passion

If we no longer feel motivated to achieve our goals, then why is life worth living? I have written about this before - most of our goals are pursued not because we are in love with them, but because we are avoiding something, even if we are not conscious of it. The carrot and the stick - both are forms of pain motivation. The stick creates pain now to achieve something through pain avoidance. The carrot pushes pleasure into the future so we experience sufficient discomfort to move towards it. Both work at the physical level of motivation, but have devastating effects on manifestation, especially to an unbalanced mind. It also tells us that a child who is given tons of love and approval, whilst not be spoilt, will grow up with the energy pattern to sustain himself with this kind of motivation, something I see often in Cambridge. But that is another matter.

So, if we move towards a manifestation, why should we if not for that? There is a third form of motivation. It is pure desire, already discussed earlier in this series. But that desire needs to burn, become alive and evolve into something more - passion. As we allow our conscious awareness to become inflamed with what we do, it becomes more and more alive, and in the very act of moving towards the goal, we experience ecstasy. The path becomes the goal. Again, we have here passion in a pure form. I need hardly put forth an equation at this point, but for those who need reminders:

Pure passion = Intense desire + sheer enjoyment in the process of attracting - need/fear/desperation/manipulation

I advocate being completely at peace in the moment. A step further to be completely in love in the moment. As the reality shifts through our acts and others, then the feeling transforms into passion. It becomes a flame to light the world!

Manifestation Series Part 4: Creation v Attraction

There are two laws here which work in tandem with each other, and the Law of Attraction is the better known one. The Law of Creation is the counterpart. It is, if you like, the price tag of the Law of Attraction. It only feels like a price tag, though, if one is not emotionally clear, or has attachments. That is what stops us from effectively using the Law of Attraction.

Maybe an analogy will help: In the story of King Arthur and Excalibur, we have divine law stating that only Arthur may extract Excalibur, his sword, from a stone. No one else can do it. Somehow, Arthur has the energy signature that makes him capable and worthy of wielding that sword. The actual obtainment of the sword is the Law of Attraction for Arthur. He attracts, through various factors, the ownership of the sword into his life. The question is...

Can anyone else extract the sword?

No...and yes. No, no one else can extract the sword because they are not King Arthur. However, they can recreate themselves as Arthur, taking on and rooting the energy of their conscious awareness in the Arthurian signature. When they are reborn as Arthur, then they will have gained the divine right to extract Excalibur.

What does this have to do with anything?

I am not suggesting that we have to die and be reborn physically. However, we can die in our minds, sacrificing all our thoughts, beliefs, biases, and thus free our conscious awareness to a very large extent. Using this thus-freed conscious awareness, we can access within the sea of awareness new energy patterns. In essence, that is the Law of Creation. We are creating ourselves. It is a bit of a misnomer, since nothing is really created. The palette of the universe is already there. However, we are allowing ourselves to become aware that we have that identity, coded into the sea of awareness. As we allow individual conscious awareness to identify and recode itself in that frequency, different things become possible. It is like many programs in a computer - they are not active unless you activate them. There are programs which launch automatically, even without you touching them. This Law of Creation is a complete inner recreation which gives you the choice of which programs you want to activate, and what patterns you wish to have.

Clearly, different identities have different potentials. The warrior and the wizard can do different things. One is not better than the other. However, the conscious awareness has a choice through the Law of Creation to pick which identity to manifest. The palette is infinite, and so are the variations.

Thus, the Law of Creation says this:

By loosening and releasing its hold on existing patterns, conscious awareness can be freed to re-create itself in a new image with different potentials for using the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction:

By engaging with the innate potentials of an energy pattern identity, you can, through the energies of awareness, emotion and thought, attract certain experiences into your life, so long as it is within the potential of that energy identity.

If it is outside that energy identity, then you need to employ the Law of Creation.

Manifestation Series Part 3: Attraction Acceleration Factor - Pure Expectancy

I don't want to spend much time on this one, but here's the equation:

Pure Expectancy = Expectation (Trust/Faith) - desperation (inner fear/trying to avoid something through manifestation)

This is very similar to pure desire. There are a number of attractor factors, but you will see that in their pure form they are strongest. Otherwise, in the popularly understood forms, motivated by fear, they are clouded, and nowhere near as strong. Pure expectancy accelerates the manifestation because you are sitting in the awareness of receiving, only even more. There is no faking this - it is a feminine energy aspect, not a masculine one. So, as before, there is no sitting down and saying, "Right, I'm going to expect this." Doesn't work that way. It involves meditating and releasing your awareness from your fears. This comes only when you build a relationship with conscious awareness and access the already existing energies of abundance.

Some people put a time limit on their manifestations. That works if it involves a purely physical act on your part. However, for the most part, it is difficult as the time limit approaches not to enter into fear and become unseated from the feminine principle. I once queued in an autograph line for Julie Andrews where she was only expected to sign for 100 people. I held the energy and intention and even though I was about 250 people back the queue got to about 220 people. At that point the fear reaction that came from being so close and telling myself, "Just a little bit more!" kicked in the desperation, and she got up and left. Good lesson, that.

Manifestation Series Part 2: Mixed Signals

The nature of manifestation is resonance and harmony. As we attune in the energy of deserving, we have to check the coherence of our intentions. There are two aspects to this:

Clear intention + Coherent emotional energy (pure desire) = Powerful Attraction

Clear intention is self-explanatory, although I may expand on this in a later post. Coherent emotional energy is the key part of why many things fail. What does it mean to be clear? It means that you have a pure desire for that which you intend. Another equation:

Pure desire = Desire/want - conflicting intention - desperation

This is a very key thing. When we want something, it is helpful to ask ourselves: What 3 qualities will we experience most when we attain the desire? What 3 things/situations will we sigh in relief about never having to experience again when we attain it?

The answer to the first question is what is resonating and attracting us. However, we need to sit in the awareness and realisation that we can experience any internal experience without waiting for the outer experience. If we wait for the outer, we are giving out an energy signal that says: "I am not experiencing this energy yet." The universe says: Well, fine, you aren't! And hence that pushes it further away. Isn't it far more delicious to allow yourself to experience the fulfilment of the wish first, and then to find the wish itself is granted? Consider:

Corollary: Detachment = Desire - desperation
= Desire + internal fulfillment

The answer to the second question is very insightful. It shows us the things we are experiencing which we are hoping to use the granting of the wish to avoid. For example, if we want a relationship to avoid being lonely, we have an internal belief that being lonely is a state we can only escape if we have a relationship. This in itself is counterproductive to the generation of a relationship, because that internal resonance with being lonely will by its very nature sabotage the relationship. That is called giving away your power.

It is important to add that there is no faking it. There is no saying, "Okay, I get it. I'm happy. Now let's get to the good stuff." Saying okay I'm going to be happy doesn't change a thing about your internal experience. That comes with attuning to identity and conscious awareness, and through the expansion of conscious awareness come into contact with the frequencies of energies of love, expansion and whatever it is you wish to feel.

When you have cleared that out and have pure desire, then you have moved a good ways towards giving a coherent energetic signal.

Manifestation Series Part 1: On Deserving

Source: Wikimedia

Here's a topic I don't talk about often. It has to do with the feminine side of manifestation, which comprises the states of energy most conducive to receiving that which is intended. It's not talked about often, but here we are. One of the key things is to genuinely resonate with the energy of deserving what you intend. If you have any hang-ups about it, the universe will pick it up and resonate with those.

How then do you go about deserving something? Do you feel as though you need to have done something to deserve a "reward"? Do you feel you have to be a better person? Do you feel that you need to be more capable? If you feel that you have to be anything other than what you already are, it is a block. It is far easier, in this instance, to meditate on the fact that we are all comprised of the same universal energies, and to receive anything at all is your divine birthright, not by virtue of your ego, but by virtue of your being. There is no belief associated with it, because belief is but another thought construct.

Instead, I offer the following:

Recognition/awareness of your divine identity + realisation of its divine birthright = Deserving

Meditate then upon your divine identity, and its divine birthright. Feel gratitude and appreciation that nothing is needed. Allow yourself to relax and completely surrender to this feeling deserving, and it will certainly aid the energies in their manifestation. And in that alone you will draw that which you desire to you. As always, however, remember to be clear on what you want, because this state of receiving will bring into creation or attract (two different things) what you desire at a deep level.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

On Going Through Life

We have our own ways of sailing through the sea of life. Most of us have developed some kind of mental vehicle that fits our personality and identity most comfortably to deal with life. For some, it is the warrior profile of fighting through, for others it is the angelic look and energy that brings forth the best in people, and for others still it is diplomacy. Think of various archetypes - the hermit, the warrior, the wizard, the priest, the judge, the king, the queen, the page. You see that each has their own particular stance, their own style of sailing along.

And this can be a cause of suffering.

Read that again. It CAN be a cause of suffering, not must, but probably will be. A cause of suffering does not mean it is wrong. It just is an inherent condition of that mental stance. And life is like an ocean. If there is a hole in your stance, it is like a hole in your ship. Water will get in. The ocean has nothing against you. It is its nature to seep in.

Does it mean we cannot have stances? That would be even more claustrophobic than having a stance. It would be like saying a ship can sink, so we should not use a ship. Far more useful to say, "Here is a ship. I can sail in it. I know it can be sunk. When it hits an iceberg, I will head for the lifeboat."

Li Duan Qi Bu Duan, Qi Duan Yi Bu Duan

That's a saying from the Tai Chi classics. Translated: If strength is broken, energy is not. If energy is broken, intention is not.

So we use our stances knowing full well that for every stance there is a counterstance, that it can be broken. And when it is broken, we abandon it, knowing it has been countered. Our energy still heads in a certain direction. But when the circumstances are overwhelming, we conveniently change direction. It does not mean we give up, but sometimes to retreat is to advance. Sometimes, to take a sideways route is faster. The path changes, but the intention remains the same.

Same with life. We get attached to our mental stances because they become a way of managing our way through life. We get afraid when our stances are broken, because we forget that there are subtler ways of dealing with it. Often we fight with all our energy to hold the ship together, so both the stance and the energy are broken. Even then, we are left with intention. So we are not bereft. Given enough beatings, even intention can be broken, but then we are left with reality, pure and simple. And when we have no preference, no ship to defend, no lifeboat to man, we become like a cork drifting in the water - unsinkable.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

84,000 Doors to Enlightenment.....

Source: Wikipedia/Nasa; John Stauffer (Spitzer Science Center, Caltech)
credits: Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/J. Stauffer (SSC/Caltech)

.....To step through any one is to unlock them all.

The true realisation is that of basic space, of the pure emptiness ground, of the sea of awareness. Only pointed towards, it is beyond description. Standing in the moment, it becomes known. Beyond reason, beyond comprehension, beyond concept, beyond labelling. Unreachable by effort, untouchable through method, only realised through awareness, clean and pure. Sitting in the pure sea of awareness, all becomes possible. Beyond that, nothing is true, nothing is false - only relativity exists.

The enlightenment ground, the self-arising ground. Accessible to all, but beyond the reach of most, for it is impossible to reach for it with one hand whilst gripping onto illusion with another. The hold onto delusion must be loosened, if only for an instant, and all will become clear.

Step through any door, and enlightenment awaits.