Wednesday, 2 July 2008

EXAMS...and getting away with laziness...

Yay! It's finally the end of Tripos. That's the Cambridge University examinations. It's my final year at this (the fifth, actually) having done both the Economics and Law Tripos. You'd think that I'd get the hint after the first round (2001-2004) that it's not exactly a walk in the park. As the porters say, "He's a glutton for punishment."

This year was a challenge: Four consecutive days of examinations, with a fifth tagged on the following week for good measure. I was the only one with that schedule too. And I thought I was being so clever taking unusual options. Still, it all came out in the wash...

At the Graduands' Dinner, I found myself seated by two First Class colleagues. That's Ryan and Ben next to me in that picture, in fact. Downright unsympathetic they were. Something about how I had an unfair advantage because of this "PHOTOREADING" (said with the appropriate mix of awe and disgust) technique that I use. I wonder about that name sometimes. There's this wholly unjustified rumour going around that all I need to do is flip through a book for a minute and then have instant photographic recall of it. Noooooo. I'll get Joy for spreading THAT rumour.

But then, it did change my life back when I learnt it in 2002-03. Got my own First Class that academic year, actually. A lot of it had to do with my mentor, Alex, who has put up with interminable ravings since the day she met me. And folks, this is your lucky day! Get particular saint's autograph for your very own for only for $29.99, just click...kidding. She is, however, a fully qualified PhotoReading Instructor now, and you'll find her here:

And her blog, with insider details on the how-to of PhotoReading:

I'm seriously miffed that she's letting all those secrets go for free into the public domain. Back in the day, it took me hours of interrogation over MSN before I extracted the real methods of speed activation from her. Thankfully, not that many people have found the blog yet. And even if they have, they still haven't figured out how to get the special mix of technique right.

And THAT, folks, is how I survived my Law Tripos. By knowing exactly how my brain works, and the very specific pattern with which to lay out my notes so that I could "upload" the details onto the memory system in less than 24 hours. In case you haven't figured out yet: I recommend PhotoReading. Like totally. In fact, you can catch other successful PhotoReaders (and moi) about it right here at the first ever PhotoReading Retreat in 2004:

Till next time!

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