Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Prayer to Grandmaster Wong

With the greatest reverence and respect,
I humbly and sincerely request divine Grandmaster Wong,
To hear this prayer and to grant what is right in His wisdom,
For the good of myself,
For the good of my family and friends,
For the good of my ancestors and children,
For the good for all future generations,
For the good of all the souls related to me,
For the good of all sentient beings,
Now and forever.

May all beings be free of physical suffering and enjoy good health,
May all beings be free of mental suffering and enjoy serenity,
May all beings be free of poverty and enjoy great prosperity,
May all beings be free of negative karmic connections and enjoy happy relationships,
May all beings be free of obstacles and enjoy smooth lives,
May all beings be free of delusion and see wisdom,
May all beings be free of struggle and achieve effortlessness,
May all beings be free of attachment and achieve enlightenment.
May all beings discover the right view,
May all beings have the right intention,
May all beings engage in the right speech,
May all beings choose the right actions,
May all beings exemplify the right livelihood,
May all beings engage in the right endeavours,
May all beings achieve the right awareness,
May all beings attain the right concentration.
Please bless all the world leaders and spiritual leaders with wisdom and insight.
Please bless the earth and help it to achieve balance.
Please heal the sick and the suffering.
Please alleviate poverty and teach people the true causes of wealth.
Please bless all people with happy and long lives.
Please provide abundant guidance to light the path.
Please save the beings lost in ignorance and delusion.
Please release the karmic burdens so enlightenment arrives.
Please save the souls of the dead so they may attain liberation.
Please bless all beings to ignite the compassion heart and to attain enlightenment.
Please guide me to do what is right in Divine wisdom,
When I pray, please come immediately,
And grant my prayers that are True and Correct,
Make ineffective any wrong doing or intention,
Purify the ignorant mind,
Please multiply the merit of my good deeds,
So that I can play my part according to Heaven’s Divine Will.

Divine Grandmaster Wong, please hear this humble prayer of a sincere aspirant and
grant what is right in your wisdom.
Please act as my representative to deliver this prayer to the appropriate Buddhas,
Bodhisattvas, deities and beings, so that all souls may be saved in the correct way and
Truth will prevail.
On this auspicious day and auspicious hour,
I maintain my faith and release this prayer to you.
I genuinely and sincerely mean what is in this prayer, and I continue to cultivate the wisdom sentiment in myself. I know that it is my sincere intention that allows this prayer to be fulfilled.
May the merit of this prayer go to _____________________.


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Claire said...

Kaye, thank you. This is so beautiful.