Friday, 18 March 2011

Japan - A Release for the World by Hale Dwoskin

Note: The video isn't really configuring correctly on my blog, so if you want to watch Hale more clearly, I have provided the link below.

This is a deeply insightful release. Hale says to notice that there is no separation between you and our planet. It has to do with the fact that at some level, we have an interconnectness. That is how we mirror into the world what we wish it to be.

He invites us to start by simply being what we are. And does this repeatedly. As we do this, we find that even the ideas of "what we are" start to fall away. This is returning to our original nature.

Then, we think of something that is unfolding on planet earth that we have resistance against. The Sedona process then kicks in - allowing that which we resist to be, letting go of the wanting to change or control, and allowing ourselves see the perfection. This is the power of love and acceptance in opening up the knots of our minds. We become more open to the thought or energy of the relevant body-minds to support our home world.

Now this is very crucial. We first have to release our identities and resistance before allowing the idea of harmony or peace or perfection to enter. This is how we tap the frequencies of harmony with our liberated minds, and begin to ride these energies.

This process is pretty much a synopsis of essentials for manifesting, because it talks about the erasure of the illusory self and mind first, rather than resisting it. If we were to do this daily, and love and accept things we resist, before focussing on perfection, then it is very useful for dissolving the situation. We then allow the love and perfection that we are to shine, which is a recognition of our implicit perfection. And then we reflect that energy into life. We become shining beacons of light.

Clearly, I do not own or represent the Sedona method, but readers of my blog will know I have tremendous respect for Lester Levenson's work, and highly recommend it.

The original clip is available here:

I would add that when I first began the Sedona method many years ago, it was a largely intellectual exercise for me. Over the years, my understanding of it has matured, and the opening of the heart has become increasingly important for me. Ultimately, the wisdom path still needs the compassion path. We are coming back in touch with the inherently expansive and joyous nature of the universe. This is how the bodhisattva path goes as well.

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