Monday, 2 May 2011

New Frontiers in Imagestreaming Interpretation

I was researching some methods of intuitive interpretation of dreams, and it occurs to me that the same techniques could quite readily be added to the Project Renaissance arsenal of interpretation.

Technique 1: Name the Imagestream

After the imagestream is completed, mentally label it. It doesn't have to make sense - just label it with whatever comes to mind. For example, a stream with images of a needle and thread could be called "A Stitch in Time", which, as you can see, helps to bring out the possible meanings and interpretations.

Technique 2: Revisiting the Stream

Project Renaissance techniques have typically focussed on free flow imagery, but I don't think we have ever tried specifically revisiting the imagery through controlled visualisation. By going back into the exact stream consciously and recreating the elements, we can talk to each character or element, and ask them what they mean. Some surprising insights could come of this technique.

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