Saturday, 28 January 2012

Prayer to Grandmaster Wong for the Pacification of Negative Karmic Connections

Dear Divine Grandmaster Wong,

I, _____, humbly and sincerely prostrate myself before you in your great compassion and wisdom.
Regardless of what I have done or how many prayers I may have offered,
I clear my mind now and appeal to You with great reverence, love and amazement as though for the first time.
Please hear every sincere cry of Your humble disciple.
Although it may not seem so to me, I know that:
Compared to the obstacles of others, my obstacles are small;
Compared to the problems of others, my suffering is tiny;
Compared to the great issues of existence, my issues are non-existent;
I am greatly blessed compared to others.
May I truly realise this, and with great determination and compassion in my heart, may I quickly pacify all my own obstacles and suffering so I can play my part to relieve the suffering of all beings.

Dear Divine Grandmaster Wong,
Please heal, repair and purify my karmic connection with __(all people/group of people/person)__.
May all parties confess, even as I now confess all my own karmic errors.
May all parties regret and repent, even as I realise, regret and repent my own errors against everyone.
May all parties forgive, even as I forgive all wrongdoing against me,
I now realise all these wrongdoings to be an illusion of my own deluded mind,
For life is like a dream – form is emptiness, emptiness is form.
I realise now all the suffering I have created for myself and others through this deluded state.
May this forever be forgiven, pacified and purified.
I generate to my greatest ability the deepest gratitude and love towards the compassion of __(people in general/group of people/person)__ for manifesting in this form to teach me this lesson.
May this connection attain its highest form,
Full of love, forgiveness, compassion and Light.

Through the power of these words, actions and realisations, which continue to deepen long after this prayer is complete,
May this connection be truly pure and made whole, in Your Wisdom.
Whatever outcome is best, I rejoice and trust in Your Wisdom and Compassion.
Whatever time is best, I accept with gratitude.
Whatever happens, my faith is steady, my devotion is complete, my compassion is strong and my realisation is intact.

Reflecting on myself,
I realise all attachment creates suffering, so I willingly release and let go.
I realise ego and judgment create attachment, so I let illusory stories and false logic dissipate.
I realise fear compels us to commit karmic errors, so I clear my heart.
I realise karmic error perpetrates karmic error, so I ground all my actions in pure compassion and motivation.

All form is a reflection of the universe,
So all beings are my fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters.
Sitting in this realisation, I generate compassion and pray:
May _____ and all beings always be safe,
May _____ and all beings always be healthy,
May _____ and all beings achieve great wisdom,
May _____ and all beings be truly wealthy,
May _____ and all beings always be blessed,
May _____ and all beings enjoy positive conditions,
May _____ and all beings receive beneficial and timely help,
May _____ and all beings give and receive great love and compassion,
May _____ and all beings effortlessly release attachment and attain enlightenment,
For the greatest benefit of all.
Through these meditations, realisations and prayers,
I can finally lay down heavy karmic burdens and purify ignorant thought,
I breathe a sigh of relief and let my mind relax into pure emptiness,
I now realise the mirror-like nature of the mind,
No matter what happens, may I always be united with the great Dao.

Dear Divine Grandmaster Wong,
May every prayer I have respectfully and sincerely made that is True and Correct be heard by all appropriate Buddhas, bodhisattvas, deities and beings;
May all incorrect prayers be nullified and forgotten,
Please multiply the merit of these prayers for the greatest benefit of all.
I offer this prayer with the deepest gratitude to You,
and continue to learn as Your humble disciple,
And trust in Your great Compassion and Wisdom.
May all beings benefit from this prayer.


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InNeedOfEnlightenment said...

Thank You for this prayer,I'm hoping to release past burdens which are painfully keeping myself back and my circle incomplete,I Joseph wish healing white light to all.