Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ho'oponono - the Kahuna Way to Awakening

Right ho. So I haven't really posted much original material here for a bit, and now that I've found a topic I feel like getting my teeth into, I've decided to change that. The once obscure art of ho'oponono is pretty famous these days, thanks to Joe Vitale and Hew Len. I for one happen to think that is a good thing. There are, however, quite a few versions of these mysterious art, which have to do largely with reconciliation, forgiveness and karmic clearing. Those who know me will know that it is the last of these three categories that would catch my attention. It is not my practice to do an expose of other people's techniques on my blog, so I will proceed to do what I usually do, which is to present MY version. Or versions. It's no secret I usually find at least a few different proverbial nails to use the same metaphysical hammer on. Live with it.

So, the now somewhat-famous four-sentence mantras associated with this technique of Hawaiian clearing are:

"I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you."

Awww. Ain't that sweet. It sounds like a particularly dear child with blue eyes and golden locks apologising to mumsy for spilling sugar on the table. Well, har de har har. The last time I checked, mumsy wasn't in charge of the karmic balance book. Or was she? I nearly titled this post, "Who's the matter with me?" Maybe at least some of our troubles can be traced to her. And definitely to someone or other. So, just to get my writing momentum in order again, here's a metaphysical technique for purifying health and situational (e.g. money) issues.

Relax. Meditate. Go to your alpha level. Breathe deeply. All that jazz.

When there, consider the issue you have in mind in a relaxed and oblique manner (no need to get all emotional and swingy about it). Ask yourself, "Why am I experiencing this particular issue?" You could also ask yourself variations of this, such as "Why is this happening to me?" or "What is the cause of this problem?" I could go on a whole about why people don't use their common sense when selecting the terms appropriate to them, but let's just leave that for now.

Anyway, relax and allow a person to come to mind. Whoever this hapless individual is, you apply the four sentence mantras to. And mean it. It may be someone you know. It may be someone representing someone you wronged. Or even a group of people. An uncle representing all uncles, perhaps. Or maybe you said Blarney the purple dinosaur was a disgrace to his race and now have to apologise to dinosaurs everywhere for comparing him to them. It's amazing what sort of karma shows up these days. Anyhow, try and mean it as much as possible. And if someone else shows up, keep doing it. It feels painful at first, but it allows you to open pathways that were previously blocked by guilt and resistance.

Perhaps you have no idea why you should be apologising. Perhaps you think the person should apologise to you. Well, play with it. Disagreements and grudges are really two-way things. And maybe YOU should apologise to you for holding that grudge in your mind for so long when someone else may have long moved on. Keep going until you have some kind of release.

Now, sometimes interesting characters will show up. Your higher self, perhaps. Or you in the past. Or a you in the future. Or your subconscious or shadow selves. The nonconscious mind has a way of producing interesting imagery. You might even end up apologising to a child version of yourself for not living up to your dreams and expectations.

Keep digging. I don't want to go into the whole deep explanation of why this works, but it's important. I do want to point out that in the traditional Hawaiian model of the selves, there is the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and superconscious mind. This kind of trains the conscious mind to act in a more open and humble way, whilst probing the subconscious for past hurts. Keep that model in mind. I may well post a series of techniques that dance around that. Also, it is useful to remember the in spite of the more popular Ho'oponono, there were other very important Hawaiian magical secrets, such as the Rain of Blessings, which are relevant to ways of living. Until next time.

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