Thursday, 12 February 2009

2009 - The Predictions

Okay, okay. I'm not a great fan of making predictions, but here's what Chinese metaphysical systems say for 2009. I bear no responsibility for these predictions, but they are a fun way of getting to know the systems nonetheless. And they have some surprising things to say.

- The year is strongly an earth year - the annual pillar is earth upon earth (read: an abundance of earth). So, anyone with earth as their favourable element will do well this year. It also tells me that this will be an extreme year for people. People will either do very well or very badly. Fortunes will be lost by some. New faces will definitely enter the halls of fame, regardless of which hall.

- Out of the 8 yearly elements, 3 are earth and 2 are fire. That makes more than half the chart support earth. What that says is that in spite of worries in the housing and construction industries, they are actually supposed to turn around this year. I am further assured of this by the fact that the annual star 9 flies to the centre of the luo shu map. The volatility of the 9 will hit the earth, but will be stabilised by it. It definitely suggests a turnaround in the housing sector.

- The power element of the year is fire. The daymaster of the year is metal, and it is sandwiched by power. That says two significant new world leaders this year. The first one is in the first half of the year and the other in the later half, perhaps even into the last quarter of the year (to be really precise - December). Since America is going to be the first one, one assumes Britain is the other, and Gordon Brown will hold the general election in 2009 rather than wait till May 2010.

- Interesting news is, both fire elements will be sapped to a degree to support all that earth - both leaders, whoever they may be, will be sorely taxed. The one who comes in later in the year will be even more taxed. The first one has the wood energy of the tiger beneath him.

- Oh, and the second leader will attempt to stimulate the economy through the housing market, although his efforts will likely be ineffectual.

- The weakest element of the year is water. This is the energy of communication and transportation. It suggests trends in protectionism, and increased obstacles to international trade. There is a move for nations towards introspection.

- This is not a good year for the metal element. Expect continued scandals in the banking AND legal sector. Banking will not be a surprise. Legal will probably be accounting standards and banking law, but it also applies more generally. There may also be corruption in the legal system that is exposed.

- The most volatile months for the stock market (according to the systems - I bear NO responsibility for any consequences!) will be in the second and fourth quarter. First quarter will be stagnant. Third quarter will be a consolidation phase. Remember that when I say quarter here I am measuring the year from February 2009 to February 2010.

- A rather disturbing phenomenon - expect at least one major center of government, court or bank to burst out in flames. One is the least - it could go up to nine.

- Possible difficulty with flu and mouth-related diseases in the western countries.

I could go on, but that's quite enough of doom and gloom, I think. Quit bugging me for predictions! Life goes on and we can moan and groan or make the best of it. And remember, nothing is written in stone. I personally believe that with humility, compassion and sincerity we can make huge changes in our lives.

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