Friday, 20 February 2009

Signal Healing in Qigong...What about Awareness?

"Qigong," says Master Chunyi Lin, "is signal healing. It is about giving the right signals to your body so that it will heal."


Feng Shui is also about signals. The way I view it, it is earth acupuncture, although of late there has been a tendency to discard the metaphorical needles in favour of energetic hammers.

So, our bodies have energetic patterns, according to the qigong masters. Our houses have energetic patterns, according to the Feng Shui masters. It seems to be at least a possible conjecture that our minds and thus our awarenesses themselves have energetic patterns.

That's my current story, and I'm sticking to it. It's a view of reality I propound in my classes. The really interesting question is what transforms a signal into a permanent pattern. It is a remarkably simple process, although the variations of the mind make it look complicated. Thus, when we find it, we also discover the process of freeing ourselves from the prisons of our minds.

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