Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Faith, Hope and Love

Source: PatsyGC

The Bible talks about faith, hope and love. They are pathways of relating to pure awareness, the sea of awareness, of dissolving the bonds of habituated awareness, and hence the false sense of identity.

Hope is probably the least of the three. It is the inkling that there is something better, that there is something grander out there. It is daring to allow a closed mind a glimmer of an opening, so that daylight may peep through. However, it is also fraught with defensiveness, for it aspires for a better day, yet holds the sense of identity deep within itself, and when fear comes, it is easy to let hope go, to shut the door and retreat into dense ignorance.

Faith is a bigger version of hope. It is trust in the vision that hope holds out. It says, "Even though I see no evidence of anything, I still hold." The weakness of faith is that without wisdom it can be misapplied, and then it becomes stubbornness, or blind faith. And when faith goes, the separated awareness falls into despair.

Love is the greatest of them all, for it asks nothing in return. It is the adoration of pure awareness, asking for nothing, and thus gives all. There is no secret hidden price, and thus the sea of awareness is able to bestow its highest blessing, for by making themselves truly self-less, the loving meek inherit the earth.

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