Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sarcasm - Trait of Genius in PhotoReading Activation

So I've just come back from speaking at yet another PhotoReading seminar, and the issue of genius came up, one way or another.

I forgot to mention one thing to the participants - sarcasm is a trait of genius when asking questions about a book.

Right, Kaye. Convince me.

Well, consider that the ability to learn is directly related to one's ability to ask questions. The ability to learn effectively is directly related to one's ability to effectively ask directly related questions that are of interest to oneself. If there is no genuine curiosity about the answers, then there is no real motivation to find it.

Hence, one should take advantage of one's personality in asking questions. Sarcasm is a genuine and legitimate trait of genius if in finding something to be sarcastic about, one actually has to LOOK. Hence, in asking questions about anything, make use of one's personality traits, whatever they are. They will add to the curiosity and effectiveness of the questions.

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Samrat said...

i jus saw a vid in youtube, are you the one who learned to write essays using photoreading