Thursday, 8 October 2009

Signposts in Manifestation

Source/Copyright: Wikimedia

Every manifestation technique will usually have some of the following components:
1. Opening up/relaxing
2. Some kind of visualisation or affirmation or directing of awareness in order to affect the sea of awareness.
3. Some automating factor that "sets" or "saves" the work in the ethers of consciousness.

Everyone will claim to have invented something new (including me), but essentially these are the steps. Here are some signposts that will help you along the way:

1. Were you open enough to try the manifestation process in the first place? This is the initial openness of awareness which allows the whole process to begin.

2. Did you feel really relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally? This is the physical and emotional openness which frees up conscious awareness to sense, affect and create.

3. Did you use your awareness in skillful ways to deepen your sense of openness and connectivity? This may take advantage of standard tactics like counting backwards, or following breath.

4. Were you able to visualise/affirm clearly? This is the "active" part of using your awareness. The more clearly you were able to articulate your intention, the better it is.

5. Did you feel the sense of reality as you did it? This is a measure of your sense of immersion in the technique. You can immerse yourself fully by being more emotionally and physically open and interacting with awareness in an uninhibited fashion.

6. Did you feel a sense of confidence as you engaged in your process? If you weren't totally comfortable with it, then you are still resisting it at some level, and you can use your feelings as a guide to any remaining resistance.

7. Did you simply go with what you sensed, or did you make the choice to change it to something you chose? There is a balance between acceptance and free will. Not everything should be changed, but you can change things that are ready to be changed.

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