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To Manifest: The Mind Power Part 2

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Regardless of the particular mix, most traditions use thoughts, emotions and relaxation in differing components to achieve manifestation. Their applications are as follows:

Thought: Whether through words (affirmations and the like) or imagination and visualisation (whatever the particular sense emphasised), thought is used to give specificity to what is desired. This is beneficial in focussing the mind in a given direction. It can also be harmful to the extent that there are hidden blockages in the meditator's psyche. For example, meditating on "I am rich" is fine for someone who has no worries in that direction, but more often than not, it creates problems due to the subconscious beliefs of the person. Thus, at least at first, the trick is to use just enough specificity to create effects, but not enough to trigger these blockages.

Emotions: Where thoughts cannot penetrate, or where a specific outcome cannot be created through imagination or words, emotions can be substituted. The feeling of satisfaction and happiness programmed deep into the subconscious will cause it to create situations which duplicate this feeling. Feelings are more pervasive than thought, and can be used to subvert inner issues.

Thoughts and Emotions; Yin and Yang: If thoughts are specific and penetrating, emotions are pervasive and supportive. Whilst one powerfully breaks new ground, the other nurtures and supports it. It is worth noting that whilst we cannot think a specific thought all the time, we can in fact accustom ourselves to feeling a certain way a lot of the time. This is an influential method at this time, which shows up notably in the Abraham-Hicks material.

Relaxation: Relaxation is the shutting down of thought into silence. It is the silence in which the subconscious can be effectively programmed. To the extent that relaxation can be achieved, internal blockages are temporarily deactivated, and the potential for new possibilities to manifest arises.


The easiest way to bypass many issues is to simplify the meditation to a single word. Choose a single word upon to meditate, which will slowly condition and permeate into the subconscious. There are many applications for this method, and indeed one could consider it a complete method on its own. Yet, it is incredibly simple.

For example, choose from the words "Highest Good", "God", "Health", "Abundance", "Peace", "Happiness", "Success", "Harmony", "Perfection" and "Vitality". It is not an exhaustive list, but what these words have in common is the fact that they are higher virtues. They have an element of pointing to something more elevated or inspirational. As we relax and meditate on these words, inspiration fills us as new ideas about (let us say) abundance fill us. It becomes an ideal to which we automatically align as we relax in quiet contemplation. The mind slowly begins to savour the word and absorb its essence. Within it is the sum total of every concept of abundance in all aspects of life. If we can relax a little before doing this, by focussing on the breath, this is even better.

Do not attempt to relate this to yourself or your life specifically in any way. That may cause blockages to arise. Simply meditate on the principle of abundance. Allow the mind to be curious as to what that means. Also allow yourself to feel what abundance is. The new thoughts and ideas will permeate the thought level of programming of the subconscious, and automatically will implant new pathways in different aspects of your life. The emotions will give it sustenance, as you move to higher levels of vibration in your feeling.

If thoughts arise about how specific areas of your life could be abundant, just acknowledge them and allow the process to continue with no particular effort. Remain meditating steadfastly on the concept of abundance. If nothing arises, simply sit in the feeling of abundance, not caring about particular issues you may have or different aspects of your life.

By building the founding principle in such a way, it becomes a touchstone of power. The mind begins to build a platform as the subconscious downloads ideas of abundance from Infinite Intelligence (or the Universe, if you so prefer). The trick is to relax and be open to new notions of abundance, and not stubbornly repeat old ideas. In this way, you gently nudge the mind in a new and positive direction, harvesting fresh ideas and programs from pure potentiality.

Let this be the first exercise to which the meditator devotes himself, and he will harvest many benefits. In further articles, the methodology will be expanded upon to achieve more specific results. Nonetheless, if this is the only practice, the meditator will experience much benefit even if he spends just five minutes in the morning upon awakening and five minutes at night just before drifting off to sleep whilst meditating upon his Touchstone Word. Incidentally, there is no need to do many words. Simply find a word that easily attunes the meditator to his highest ideal, and that will suffice. Similarly, a very short phrase such as "everything is perfect" may be used.

In the next article, we will focus on how to deepen and enhance the power of this programming of the subconscious mind.

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