Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Knowing It Is Done

In traditional self-hypnotic programming, we are told to end the session "knowing that what we program for is done". This knowing it is done has been misunderstood and misapplied to disastrous results. The key is coming from a place of confidence and abundance, and of decision. If we artificially create a sense of knowing e.g. if we say to ourselves, "Oh, I don't really feel it, but it says to pretend it is done, and I really want this to happen, so I'm going to pretend it has..." then we are coming from a head intention of fear, rather than a heart intention of life-affirming abundance. We have failed to make the decision to succeed, and thus doom ourselves to failure. Done this way, it has done nothing more than affirm our insecurity and indecision.

Thus, it is important to clear our doubts, a subject I have addressed on many an occasion before, and then to progress from there into a place of genuine innate confidence (GIC), and not an artificial one. Thus, we say, with the faith of a king who expects his commands to be obeyed, "It is done."

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