Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Levels of Manifestation

Kaye, why do you tell us to do conflicting things? On the one hand, you say be determined and willing to do whatever it takes. On the other, you talk about surrendering. Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

Yes, I do talk about apparently conflicting things, but they appear conflicting because they are not considered in the context of the level of manifestation you are discussing. We can think of manifestation as being on several levels:

1. Physical
2. Emotional/mental
3. Spiritual

On the physical level, action reigns supreme. Taking clear, methodical, massive action creates the results you want. In other words, if you want new batteries in the remote, go to the shop and buy some. This is how results can be created on the physical level.

On the emotional/mental level, we devise strategies to conserve energy. It is possible to employ strategies like the 80/20 principle, taking the 20% action that creates the 80% result. We develop determination, resilience and focus. Mental clarity and goal-setting are the forces that direct this level.

On the spiritual level, however, we surrender. Having engaged the first two levels, we trust in God and let go. That is the surrender effect. It is through this detachment and surrender that miracles are allowed to happen. Faith and trust facilitate this process.

This may sound like old hat, but the mix of manifestation skills is different for different people. Whereas a person may succeed by relying largely on the first two levels (included in this group would be many of my colleagues from Cambridge University), he may also employ the third level. There are things which, in spite of perfect execution at the first two levels, still do not materialise. This has to do with the spiritual level of manifestation. Does anyone understand this level fully? Not that I know of. We only know certain spiritual factors which seem to contribute to success. Even then, it is not foolproof.

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