Monday, 7 September 2009

The Power of Decision

Source/copyright: Wikimedia/Ltshears

The power of decision focuses energy into a power burst. The difference between those who succeed and those who don't is the decision to be successful, no matter what. There is no "What if this happens to me?" There is only courage behind the decision to succeed. Once you have made a clear decision that you will accomplish something "no matter what", then it is as good as done.

It is this attitude, which I imagine to be like a lion's roar, this challenge, which draws up the energies of the subconscious and the conscious into one burst. In that moment, it cuts all fears, because it has already committed to its goal, and is ready to take all the hits necessary to make it. It is a stance of bravery and courage that subdues fear.

It is a stance of commitment, for it says, "I choose you as my goal, even if other areas are compromised." That is the essence of "no matter what" (NMW). This cuts through the psychoses related to conflicting goals. When you choose a powerful goal to focus on, focus on that one only, as the overarching goal of your life. Everything else must bend down to it, and give it the respect due the King of the Forest when he roars.

It is the stance of power and self-esteem, for in making that decision, it affirms the life-giving power of "Yes!" It has no tolerance for self-pity or lack of self-worth. Instead, it runs ahead and smashes through the puny wails of uncertainty and inadequacy.

It is the power of patience, for in eradicating all inner uncertainty about the result, the overwhelming confidence allows the decision-maker to confidently and patiently await the correct moment.

It is the stance of complete surrender. Surprising as it may seem, when you make decisions correctly, the outcome is irrelevant. The race is run, and the deed is done. It is now simply a question of getting it done or, as warriors of old might have thought of it, "getting killed in the process". There is no longer any if, and because of that, there is no question of whether or not it will be done. All forces are unleashed towards the goal, and because of the certainty of decision, whether or not it actually comes to pass is irrelavant. It is this irrelevance and releases the last safeguard on the subconscious strength we have hidden within ourselves, and allows us to succeed.

Truly, the strength to succeed is within, only waiting to be summoned by the roar of decision.

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