Sunday, 29 March 2009

Does The Work mean the death of ambition?

This is rather a specialised piece - for people who are already familiar with The Work of Byron Katie. If you aren't one of them, this is where to look:

Tip: The videos are a nice way to get to know Katie's stuff.

When I was at a Byron Katie event earlier this year, there was the usual life-changing breakthrough of paradigms that accompany this fantastic woman. However, I did notice some confusion on one point - if we are completely at peace with our circumstances, won't we lack the motivation to change it?

This is symptomatic of a society which is used to using carrot and stick motivational tactics, not just to manipulate others, but to manipulate themselves.

I elaborate on the carrot and stick in the introduction post of the The Dialogues here.

For now, let me say it a little differently:

The awakened paradigm is not about from pain to peace. It is about from peace to peace.

We do not go towards something because we are attempting to escape pain, or trying to grab onto a shadow of hope, but rather because we are already in love with reality, and choose to move into another loving reality, having no need for it, but moving towards it because. Just because.

The Work of Byron Katie may be described as "from love to love" or "from joy to joy". That is her way of moving through life, and there is no kinder way that I know of. Wonderful woman, that one.

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