Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Is the Motivational and Human Potential Industry in a Bubble?

Has anyone noticed how the human potential movement seems to be huddling closer and closer to together lately? It is as though the recession has finally chipped through to even the pillars of the community and they are beginning to find that the methods they use may not be as foolproof as they once believed.

A colleague once told me, "If we really knew the answer, we wouldn't be teaching it."

Well, it looks like the moment of truth is upon us. Perhaps I'm being melodramatic, but judging from the number of endorsements people are giving, the testimonials, and the desperate inter-marketing to each others' lists, it does seem as though the boom in the self-help industry has finally run out of juice. The real question is...

Do the leaders dare to face the reality of it?

Understandably, it's scary when you notice that people aren't getting as much success as they used to. It's even more scary when the tactics you've been using over your life are beginning to show a decidedly lower hit rate. However, if it's a long-term solution you're looking for, getting a bunch of other people in the same boat to reassure you isn't going to do much.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the industry may not like it, but things are beginning to look decidedly like a bubble every bit as flimsy as the financial one that just burst.

Now, if they were looking for solutions, they are there, but I am also noting a reluctance to look past the fear at it.

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