Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Yin Side of the Force - The Next Step in Human Evolution

I just returned from another human potential event. At this one was, amongst others, Janet Attwood, of The Passion Test. It was a great experience to sit through the test, and to see what it brought up. I have no doubt that it has proven and will continue to prove extremely beneficial to humanity. However, it is a process that lives in what I call the Yang side of the Force, the energy of evolution. For those who have evolved to the limit of the Yang side, the Yin side is the next step of evolution.

In the traditional chakra system, there are 7 major chakras. They are, starting from the bottom in the picture:

1. The root chakra (red) - related to survival
2. The sacral chakra (orange) - related to relationships
3. The solar plexus chakra (yellow) - related to the mental realm
4. The heart chakra (green) - related to love, compassion and balance
5. The throat chakra (blue) - related to expression
6. The third eye (indigo) - related to insight
7. The crown chakra (violet) - related to enlightenment

Each chakra naturally has a yin and yang side to it, but what I believe no one has mentioned is that by their very nature, the chakras have yin and yang functions. Read the descriptions again, and see if you can find them.

By my interpretation, survival is yang, relationships are the yin to the survival yang, the intellect is yang, the compassion is the balancing yin to it, the expression is yang, the insight the corresponding yin, and the enlightenment is perfect balance.

Why is this insight crucial?

Humanity has developed to the point where the intellect has been taken as far as it will go. This is particularly true of the human potential movement. We have kicked and dried out "self-empowerment", "goal-setting", NLP, mental programming and all that. They are not irrelevant. In fact, they are incredibly powerful spiritual tools. But they belong to the solar plexus chakra. It is ironic that as spiritual children we are given the tools before we have the maturity to use them, which is what the heart chakra is all about. And the heart's basic force is YIN. So, if we keep moving the industry along the YANG side, it will eventually erupt.

I am not saying that everything we have done till now is irrelevant, but as I have said in other posts, if you use the energies and techniques of the yang without the balancing force from the heart energies, you are letting yourself in for a world of pain.

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