Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sometimes, Someone Just Says It Better

Sometimes, as today, I feel as if I have yammered on and on about truths and secrets all day, and made it as clear and accessible as I can. Then sometimes, as today, I am completely and totally floored by someone who tells it more clearly, more honestly, more sincerely and more truthfully than anything I have ever written. And it is a humbling and wonderful experience to remember that it really isn't up to me to lead the world to some kind of shining salvation. It gets on just fine without me. And I am no longer needed. What joy and freedom!

Don't waste your time on my blog. Go read Kashy's:

Kashy, I salute you for daring to face the most scary thing a person can meet: themselves. I only really took the time to read your blog today, and in spite of your telling me how much The Work changed your life, the posts have finally driven it home. It is a humbling experience. Thank you for sharing.

(And yes, for the friends reading this who are inevitably going to ask, I did cry like a baby. So there.)

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