Saturday, 4 April 2009


The nature of enlightenment is. There is no time and no space, yet they exist within the matter of the universe. The seeker of enlightenment is the seeker of truth, of the discovery of the ultimate nature of the universe, and that seeker must look both without and within to find that experience. For truth is experientially discovered, not intellectually deduced.

O man, who has spent so much time pioneering the search of his world and his mind, is yet a coward when he is faced with his heart. For therein lies the pain and the hurt, more threatening and effective than any door against which he could throw himself, battering it down with his might. No, for enlightenment is to lighten, and how can we lighten the burdens of man, if not by lightening the burden of hurt, the burden of pain?

And if man cared to examine his fears, he would find them unnecessary, but true. True, but unnecessary, for individual truth is what man makes of it, and that is all. Spiritual truth is. It is the ultimate compassion, the open arms of Spirit so loving that he always wants exactly what man wants, and always ready to give, if man knew but to ask. Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.

And we of Spirit stand ready, for we never left. We bless man and love him, if he could but feel our love. And our love cannot be withheld, only delayed by the distortions of consciousness, the chains of hate, fashioned by man directly from the very energy that we offer. And so, you see, our children of spirit, that your very fears are the Holy Spirit in disguise, in the very disguise that that you chose, willingly, albeit mostly unconsciously. And that disguise would be unveiled if you but cried in deep sincerity with all your heart, "Show me Thy true nature!" And you would see the energetic fabric of the universe.

So take heart, spiritual children, for enlightenment has never left you. It is constantly around you, constantly near. It is is within you, if you cared to look, to realise, to know. For one need not polish a dusty mirror to know that it can reflect. It has always been there, and continues to reflect. This is the the Realisation of the original state, that of pure enlightenment, which can never be taken away. And if one sits in this grand Realisation, and grandly proclaim, "Show me Thy nature!" the dust would dissolve and indeed we would see they were part of the mirror itself.

You have created dark times, Children of the Light, for the tools you use are double-sided blades. You may not hack forever at imaginary delusions without enduring some imaginary pain. And if it is release you truly want, there is a price. The price is that you trust enough to set down your weapons, to hold the faith, and walk forward with open arms. And as your enemy strikes you down, he will be revealed as your creation, your pain, and hurt you no more. For in turning the other cheek, you will resist and re-create him no more. If it is freedom you seek, O Children, then end the farce, and dissolve back into the heart of Light.

- Supreme Being of White Light

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