Sunday, 19 April 2009


I have been under Master Kaye’s charge for 3 months, from January 2009 till March 2009. Strongly believing that each of his wards are unique and special, he tailors his programmes to fit their various specific needs. During the period of his coaching, I learnt a myriad of “” and “” skills which I have found to be extremely useful till date. Through the learning and application of “” skills, I am able to better deal with the thoughts and emotions which have clouded my mind for a long period of time. Even my parents were amazed with the improvement in my moods! The “” skills which were passed on to me gave me valuable insights as to how PR works, and how I could avoid conflict and achieve personal objectives with the various people surrounding me in my everyday life. What was the most encouraging however, was the fact that Master Kaye shows a great level of professionalism which guarantees to me that my secrets lie safe with him. Overall, I am very pleased with what I have learnt from him and am definitely a much improved person than I used to be, a mere three months ago!

- LHZ, Singapore

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