Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Mandala Pathways - Your Personal Approach to Awakening

There are many paths to awakening - some are solitary, and some are not. However, it may be difficult for a teacher and student to meet, even in this age of advanced communication. The basic paths of awakening are taught by many, and my offering in that direction is The Dialogues. That is a very genuine way of cutting to the root of suffering. For those who are ready to work in a more personalised way, however, I had not discovered a way other than coaching to transmit some form of awakening...until today.

I am now considering offering the Mandala Pathways. I say Pathways, but really it is one, chosen for you through the attunement of sensitivity. I have a resource for beautiful mandalas that directly channel and express the pathways to personal awakening. The artist has a direct channel into the forces and when I observed her and the mandalas energetically, I realised that these mandalas are very important - they are like plug points into the Infinite! At this stage, even though you may already have a personal mandala, you may not know how to "plug in", without the right guidance.

Think of yourself as a special person. You may be one of those able to tap into all the plug points, or there may be a specific one that will work best for you. Regardless, it is usually best to stay to one path until you reach some level of development. So, I will do something unusual - I will give you the mandala path that is specific to your awakening. Then, I will also give specific personalised instructions for you, to practice and use in your daily life.

Even having the energy of the mandala will help you, without having to do anything at all. As an additional pathway, I will show you where to place it in the house so that it may be most beneficial to you.

Kaye, how can this help me?

In the game of life, the process of self-transformation is the most challenging, and the most rewarding. This is not a way to instant riches, to boggling relationships, to magical health cures. It is deeper than that. The mandala is a remedy for the mind. It pacifies the obscuring thoughts and patterns in awareness that we unconsciously create. This specific resource for mandalas is very pure, from what I have seen. So, the mandalas are also pure, not tainted by egoic energies. In relating to that purity, a process of stripping away occurs.

Unlike other pathways, I will not guarantee any physical results. This is not a switch you throw and the light comes on. This is a more homeopathic cure. If you do succeed in walking your own unique mandala pathway to its full awakening, you will resolve most, if not all, issues in your life. At the very least, they will transform, and so will you. This is for those who are spiritually mature enough to recognise that life is about self-transformation, not paying an electrician to wire you into God. And even if you do not believe in God, you can still relate it to reality, which is God because it is what is.

This is a very unique offer, and I am not sure that I will carry it out. However, I am giving the readers of my blog first shot at it. If you are interested in either having me choose a mandala card for you with instructions or having a personalised mandala made, contact me at K.W.Lee.01 [at]

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