Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Will, Hope and Intent

Tom Sawyer says:
Is there a difference between HOPE and WILL?

Kaye says:
Yes: Hope, Will and Intent. The difference between these 3 is heaven and hell. The key is watching where the mind sits.

In hope, the mind sits in a state of dissatisfaction with a situation, but it is aware of a possibility, a glimmer that things might somehow get better. It hopes that it may happen, but it doesn't really have inherent confidence.

Will is different, depending on the level of will. A low grade will has the mind sitting in a state of dissatisfaction as well, or resisting a certain situation and to that it adds the commitment and determination and power to break through.

For a higher grade will, mind doesn't dwell on the dissatisfaction, although it is inherently there, but instead holds the vision which hope only glimpses strongly in mind, and then charges towards it in confidence.

Tom Sawyer says:

Kaye says:
Intent is different. Intent in its pure form can exist in both dissatisfaction and satisfaction. In dissatisfaction, the motivation comes from a disagreement with reality. In satisfaction, it is enjoying the present but choosing the next moment to be different. A bit like, for a typical male, "Hey, cuddling is nice but let's get to the sex..." (I could have used a more polite here but I thought this one would make the point for most people.)

There is no dissatisfaction, but there is a definite direction to the mind state. And because there is no dissatisfaction, there is no friction. That is why intent is higher on the scale. You only need will when there is spiritual friction.

Tom Sawyer says: will isn't the superior manisfestation state of mind?

Kaye says:
Not by a long shot. It is probably one of the most powerful states, as long as you are playing at the body level, but at the mind level, it can only be considered average at best. At the spiritual level, it isn't even worth talking about.

Mind you, manifestation at the physical level is easiest for most people, because they are used to action. Manifesting at the mental level is harder but can be trained. Precious few can do manifesting at the spiritual level without a few years' experience at least.

Tom Sawyer says:
What is manifestation at spiritual level?

Kaye says:
Think and it is done, or in some cases, it is done before you even think to ask. The states get more refined as you go up, so the force gets reduced, and the tone gets more submissive. You may think that is giving up on life, but it is just the spirit doing what it was supposed to do.

If I give you a hose with some water left in it, you can push and press the water out and it will come out if you try hard enough. That is the physical level.

Or, you can hold the hose up and let gravity do the work. That is the mind level.

At the spiritual level, you turn on the tap.

See how the effort gets less, and the results greater?

The hose can be pushed and compressed, but that is not its original nature or destiny. Its original nature is to channel the water, or the energies arising from emptiness, so to speak.

P/S: At the highest level, the water flows itself, when it flows. It is not even your job to turn on the tap. Master Chunyi Lin once commented that he found out why masters are always in meditation - they are watching spiritual TV. I scoffed at the time, but found it to be true. Really, God put us here to watch TV. And we're being really bad couch potatoes. Hands off the clicker already!

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