Friday, 31 July 2009

Manifestation Series Part 3: Attraction Acceleration Factor - Pure Expectancy

I don't want to spend much time on this one, but here's the equation:

Pure Expectancy = Expectation (Trust/Faith) - desperation (inner fear/trying to avoid something through manifestation)

This is very similar to pure desire. There are a number of attractor factors, but you will see that in their pure form they are strongest. Otherwise, in the popularly understood forms, motivated by fear, they are clouded, and nowhere near as strong. Pure expectancy accelerates the manifestation because you are sitting in the awareness of receiving, only even more. There is no faking this - it is a feminine energy aspect, not a masculine one. So, as before, there is no sitting down and saying, "Right, I'm going to expect this." Doesn't work that way. It involves meditating and releasing your awareness from your fears. This comes only when you build a relationship with conscious awareness and access the already existing energies of abundance.

Some people put a time limit on their manifestations. That works if it involves a purely physical act on your part. However, for the most part, it is difficult as the time limit approaches not to enter into fear and become unseated from the feminine principle. I once queued in an autograph line for Julie Andrews where she was only expected to sign for 100 people. I held the energy and intention and even though I was about 250 people back the queue got to about 220 people. At that point the fear reaction that came from being so close and telling myself, "Just a little bit more!" kicked in the desperation, and she got up and left. Good lesson, that.

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