Friday, 31 July 2009

Manifestation Series Part 2: Mixed Signals

The nature of manifestation is resonance and harmony. As we attune in the energy of deserving, we have to check the coherence of our intentions. There are two aspects to this:

Clear intention + Coherent emotional energy (pure desire) = Powerful Attraction

Clear intention is self-explanatory, although I may expand on this in a later post. Coherent emotional energy is the key part of why many things fail. What does it mean to be clear? It means that you have a pure desire for that which you intend. Another equation:

Pure desire = Desire/want - conflicting intention - desperation

This is a very key thing. When we want something, it is helpful to ask ourselves: What 3 qualities will we experience most when we attain the desire? What 3 things/situations will we sigh in relief about never having to experience again when we attain it?

The answer to the first question is what is resonating and attracting us. However, we need to sit in the awareness and realisation that we can experience any internal experience without waiting for the outer experience. If we wait for the outer, we are giving out an energy signal that says: "I am not experiencing this energy yet." The universe says: Well, fine, you aren't! And hence that pushes it further away. Isn't it far more delicious to allow yourself to experience the fulfilment of the wish first, and then to find the wish itself is granted? Consider:

Corollary: Detachment = Desire - desperation
= Desire + internal fulfillment

The answer to the second question is very insightful. It shows us the things we are experiencing which we are hoping to use the granting of the wish to avoid. For example, if we want a relationship to avoid being lonely, we have an internal belief that being lonely is a state we can only escape if we have a relationship. This in itself is counterproductive to the generation of a relationship, because that internal resonance with being lonely will by its very nature sabotage the relationship. That is called giving away your power.

It is important to add that there is no faking it. There is no saying, "Okay, I get it. I'm happy. Now let's get to the good stuff." Saying okay I'm going to be happy doesn't change a thing about your internal experience. That comes with attuning to identity and conscious awareness, and through the expansion of conscious awareness come into contact with the frequencies of energies of love, expansion and whatever it is you wish to feel.

When you have cleared that out and have pure desire, then you have moved a good ways towards giving a coherent energetic signal.

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