Friday, 31 July 2009

Manifestation Series Part 1: On Deserving

Source: Wikimedia

Here's a topic I don't talk about often. It has to do with the feminine side of manifestation, which comprises the states of energy most conducive to receiving that which is intended. It's not talked about often, but here we are. One of the key things is to genuinely resonate with the energy of deserving what you intend. If you have any hang-ups about it, the universe will pick it up and resonate with those.

How then do you go about deserving something? Do you feel as though you need to have done something to deserve a "reward"? Do you feel you have to be a better person? Do you feel that you need to be more capable? If you feel that you have to be anything other than what you already are, it is a block. It is far easier, in this instance, to meditate on the fact that we are all comprised of the same universal energies, and to receive anything at all is your divine birthright, not by virtue of your ego, but by virtue of your being. There is no belief associated with it, because belief is but another thought construct.

Instead, I offer the following:

Recognition/awareness of your divine identity + realisation of its divine birthright = Deserving

Meditate then upon your divine identity, and its divine birthright. Feel gratitude and appreciation that nothing is needed. Allow yourself to relax and completely surrender to this feeling deserving, and it will certainly aid the energies in their manifestation. And in that alone you will draw that which you desire to you. As always, however, remember to be clear on what you want, because this state of receiving will bring into creation or attract (two different things) what you desire at a deep level.

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