Friday, 31 July 2009

Manifestation Series Part 5: Passion

If we no longer feel motivated to achieve our goals, then why is life worth living? I have written about this before - most of our goals are pursued not because we are in love with them, but because we are avoiding something, even if we are not conscious of it. The carrot and the stick - both are forms of pain motivation. The stick creates pain now to achieve something through pain avoidance. The carrot pushes pleasure into the future so we experience sufficient discomfort to move towards it. Both work at the physical level of motivation, but have devastating effects on manifestation, especially to an unbalanced mind. It also tells us that a child who is given tons of love and approval, whilst not be spoilt, will grow up with the energy pattern to sustain himself with this kind of motivation, something I see often in Cambridge. But that is another matter.

So, if we move towards a manifestation, why should we if not for that? There is a third form of motivation. It is pure desire, already discussed earlier in this series. But that desire needs to burn, become alive and evolve into something more - passion. As we allow our conscious awareness to become inflamed with what we do, it becomes more and more alive, and in the very act of moving towards the goal, we experience ecstasy. The path becomes the goal. Again, we have here passion in a pure form. I need hardly put forth an equation at this point, but for those who need reminders:

Pure passion = Intense desire + sheer enjoyment in the process of attracting - need/fear/desperation/manipulation

I advocate being completely at peace in the moment. A step further to be completely in love in the moment. As the reality shifts through our acts and others, then the feeling transforms into passion. It becomes a flame to light the world!

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