Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Flame Activating Breath for Achieving Goals

Source/licence: Wikimedia/Mila Zinkova

The breath must be one of the most overlooked tools in the human potential arsenal. When we see something unusual, we "catch our breath". We describe views such as the one above as "breathtaking". There is a definite mind-body correlation that can be demonstrated by the breath. Win Wenger, I believe, says that we stop breathing properly just as we encounter a problem - just at the very moment when breathing evenly and smoothly would create the oxygen flow and stimulus that we are seeking.

I offer the activating breath here, for the purposes of activating the mind's self-piloting system towards goal-achievement. The Activating Breath is easy:

  • Breath in to the count of 4 at the speed of 1 count per second. As you inhale, expand your abdomen/diaphragm to its full potential.
  • Exhale to the count of 4 at the speed of 1 count per second. As you exhale, relax the abdominal muscles.
This is the basic breath used in many processes, such as pranic healing and Quantum Touch. Practise doing it a few times until it flows smoothly and evenly for you.

Now for the Flame part. Imagine you have a candle in front of you. If it helps at first, actually light a candle and put it in front of you so you have an image of the flame. Blink your eyes twice and use the afterimage of the flame. Inside the flame, there is an image of your goal as it looks like when it is fully accomplished. This is the flame of blissful energy, energising and empowering your goal. Make sure you add all the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic components of the success image.

As you visualise it, start doing the Activating Breath. As you inhale, the flaming image becomes brighter and brighter, and more colourful. As you exhale, the image becomes more real and more solidified. Practice doing this - visualise the image becoming more colourful and bright as you inhale, until it becomes automatic. On each exhale, practice making the image so powerful and materialised that you believe beyond doubt that it will definitely happen.

As you inhale, imagine the sounds becoming clearer and louder. As you exhale, imagine the image materialised even more.

As you inhale, imagine the sensations and feelings becoming even more distinct. As you exhale, imagine the image so materialised that it is a given that it will occur. On each inhale, enhance the sense of gratitude and appreciation for the image.

Keep doing this for 10 minutes a day for each big image goal. Keep breathing at all times! You can switch periodically between the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic components, or do all three at the same time. Experiment and find out what works best for you. If you feel your attention starting to lag, always go back to the breath counting and try changing the modality i.e. if you were doing visual, then switch to auditory. The brain needs constant change to provide stimulus for attention, so provide it with that, and it will obligingly imprint the image of your success deep within you.

At the end of the session, with a deep sense of gratitude, place the whole image and energy into your heart and release it to your highest good.

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