Monday, 3 August 2009

Manifestation Series Part 12: The Laws of Energy and Conscious Awareness

Time to move this series back to basics. Let's cover what actually makes manifestation possible. In other words, let's talk about energy and conscious awareness. They are:

1. Energy follows conscious awareness. This is far more subtle than the idea that energy follows thought, or energy follows attention. Yes, both are true, but I think my version is more complete. Thought is not the only thing that directs energy. It is a form of projection of conscious awareness. Attention is likewise a director of energy, but so is unconscious attention. Conscious attention is a masculine principle thing, mostly. Unconscious attention is a feminine principle thing. So although "energy follows attention" is an acceptable proposition, it is insufficiently clear.

2. Where energy flows, manifestation follows. Yes, it is ultimately true. It manifests because like energy has the property of attracting like energy. There is no push energy, really. It is all pull. However, some manifestations do not occur because other people and other forms of conscious awareness are manifesting in the opposite direction. Even if you attained a completely pure resonance, you would still be subject to the limitations of others. Unless, of course, you employ the third law.

3. Your energy flow is impacted by others only to the extent to which the energy pattern you weave and the energies you use are locked in the same paradigm as theirs. In other words, when with the sheep, you are forced to do as sheep do. If you carry a hammer, you run the risk of dropping it on your toe. If you want to avoid a hammer on your toe, avoid hammers! If you want to be immune to certain energetic effects, then don't use the energies which are linked to them. Energies are a package deal. They have certain properties. Take one, take them all. How to avoid them?

4. Within the emptiness of the sea of awareness, immunity to individual energies develop. In the sea of awareness, the conscious awareness is not attached to energies, so a certain immunity develops. It does not mean complete immunity develops. It just means that there is less impact.

5. To develop complete immunity, develop complete anchoring in the energy patterns of your choice. In other words, anchor your conscious awareness in the patterns that produce the characteristics you desire.

6. Conscious awareness can only pull, not push. Mentioned above, but here it is again as a law. Conscious awareness is attractive by nature. So where it flows, it will attract similar energies. It cannot repel, except by anchoring into a a paradigm where an energy cannot exist.

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