Sunday, 2 August 2009

Manifestation Series Part 11: First Develop Hootlessness

Lester Levenson used to say to develop hootlessness. Things happen when you don't give a hoot. It makes sense in the structure outlined in this series. Basically when you don't give a hoot the push and pull forces no longer have any impact on you, and thus you are free to resonate fully.

I would suggest hootlessness begins with hopelessness. Lose all hope that you can affect reality one way or another. Accept it fully as it is. And I don't mean a sneaky kind of acceptance, a type that says, "Oh, if I give you this, you will give me manifestative ability." That doesn't work. As I've said before, God doesn't respond to Disney eyes. Neither does he respond to deal brokering. But give up hope, and suddenly not giving a hoot becomes easier.

The thing to develop after hootlessness is the enjoyment body. As we gain facility with a new level of flexibility in conscious awareness, we can tune into and enjoy energies without putting conditions on the physical environment. As we resonate more fully with these energies and allow them to settle into our field, we naturally engage the Law of Creation, and expand our hidden potential to create all this. So hopelessness is the base. Upon that, we develop hootlessness. And from hootlessness we develop courage. This is not courage that comes from fake bravado, but because we are genuinely not threatened. And with this comes the beauty of life's energy.

First develop hootlesness, then develop enjoyment. We've forgotten to enjoy ourselves. Even faith and trust are secondary to enjoyment. You will also see that appreciation arises from enjoyment, and gratitude from appreciation. And thus a whole list of positive resonance factors are invoked.

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