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Manifestation Series Part 9: The Key to the Great Lock of Inadequacy

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In my blog, I have already detailed the fact that the resting state of our individual conscious awareness' is the pattern which determines the limit of our potential to manifest. This is, if you like, the blueprint. If it is not changed, then even if strides are made in the direction of our manifestative desires, it will resettle in the old pattern, just as if there were a magnetising force bringing everything back into order, albeit an undesired order. This is the effect of the basic harmony energy of the universe (there are three - the wisdom energy, the Light energy and the harmony energy).

Identifying the blocks of this pattern, or in other words identifying the limits of one's potential, is probably the trickiest thing to do in the whole manifestative process. It requires honesty and courage - the honesty to see that you may be holding yourself back, even when you desperately wish you were right; the courage to conquer the fear patterns which are also emitted by the magnetic potential properties to drag you back the further you explore outside the current potential.

Various people have come up with various models for identifying blocks. Some are useful, some are not. I've come up with many of my own over the years. Doubtless as you explore your psyche you will notice some that may not fit the grander pattern.

The Sedona Method formulation of the magnetic locks, in equation form:

Sedona Block, B1 = B1(wanting control, wanting approval, wanting survival)

In other words, the hidden limits of the potential, or the Upper Limit Problem created by a given magnetic identity, is determined by a combination of those three things.

The Hendricks version, a la The Big Leap, could be summarised as:

Hendricks Block, B2 = B2(belief in lack of capability/deservingness, disloyalty and abandonment of past and lineage (own and others), believing greater success brings a greater burden to self and others, not wanting to outshine)

In my preference for grand underlying schemes, a carry over from my youth, my version of the block is this:

Grand Block, B3 = B3(sense of inadequacy)

If you look at all the other blocks in any other system, you will eventually see that it boils down to some form of inadequacy.

So how do you find these blocks? Study the Sedona Method or The Big Leap, or even The Work of Byron Katie. All good areas to start. Also study the Feeling Exercise of Arnold Patent. All use different tracking devices, but the essence of all these methods is to track feelings of non-harmony. It is the dissonance that arises when you go counter to the particular manifestation of harmony energies held in your awareness that causes discomfort, anger, fear, retaliation. The harmony energies is probably the most hands-on of the three basic energies, and the ordering nature is what keeps people in their place. That's great for most living, but it also means that if we do not know how to change it, then we are stuck! From a non-esoteric level, let your feelings be your guide.

A simple block tracking technique in the tradition of the masculine principle: Visualise what you desire, right now, and notice what comes up.

1. Did your visualisation lack clarity?
- Check the clarity of your intention.
- Check how well you have thought this through, especially what the successful manifestation will mean to your life and what changes will happen - to you and those around you.

2. Were you in harmony with the visualisation?
- Check how comfortable you were - if not, seek out the source of discomfort, for therein lies a lock.
- Check how congruent you were - is your life ready for this right now? If not, you may be in harmony with this, but mentally putting it on hold whilst waiting for another aspect of your life to manifest.

3. How naturally did the visualisation appear?
- Even if it were in harmony, if it did not come smoothly, it may be foreign to your energy field. Then it is a matter of stretching towards it so it is manifested. This is where it is within the field of potential, but not being activated.

The automatic release of blocks and natural attraction (a feminine principle approach):

Relax and smooth out the bumps in your awareness. Enter the state of emptiness, which is the nullification of all illusory blocks and the ultimate freeing of awareness. The emptiness naturally nullifies all thought blocks and links to limited awareness. (A master once said that meaning of the great mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, means "enter into the emptiness, and within that discover your true self, and from that abundance follows". That is exactly what this technique accomplishes.)

Using the lightest of intentions in the sea of awareness, discover the reality of perfect harmony which you desire and are attracted to. Allow it to perfume and colour your awareness, and settle gently down into it. Allow your awareness reside in it, even as it resides and embeds itself in you. Allow this reality to re-order the nature of your energy field, and become the new blueprint. The key here is to allow. Keep your awareness very humble, very light, very malleable and very open. The key is to surrender to this new reality. The more force is being used in your intention, i.e. the harder you try to superglue it into your awareness, the more of the masculine principle is being used in the design, which takes far more energy to maintain. Far wiser to use the feminine, which will automate the harmony energies on your behalf. As you come back to waking awareness, allow this energy to reside and grow freely. Raise the levels of faith and trust energies in your system, and it will do so.

Thus the great lock is not attacked, for in attacking it it grows stronger, but completely bypassed, in the tradition of mastery.

P/S: I have not gone into it, but the Light aspect of the energies has the power to burn locks too.

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