Monday, 31 August 2009

Surrender Process

Source/licence: Wikimedia

1. Imagine the purest, highest and most powerful level of unconditional love that you can.
2. Double that in intensity so that nothing can withstand its presence except the highest level of love and acceptance.
3. Imagine yourself being drawn into that energy and merging into it.
4. All blockages, worries and conflicting energies are completely neutralised by this pure energy.
5. If you get distracted, dissociate yourself from the light again and repeat, doubling and doubling the energies again until it is so brilliant that you cannot bear to look upon it.
6. Merge into the energies again, surrendering all the concepts and thoughts of control into it.
7. Abide in that energy, allowing it to purify your energies completely in whatever way it sees fit in its wisdom.

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