Sunday, 2 August 2009

Manifestation Series Part 10: Observe the Purity of Intention

Source/copyright: Wikimedia, Daniel Schwen

It may seem odd to touch on this topic so late in the day, but in the context of what has been given, it will perhaps be clearer. I intend to keep this one brief, but the depths of this topic cannot be underestimated.

Basically, the purity of intentions affects the effectiveness of manifestation. There are two basic factors affecting purity of intention: Push and Pull. Why are these important? Because they will impact the effectiveness of the use of the twin laws of Creation and Attraction.

Firstly, intentions should arise out of pure volition i.e. pure desire, not those tainted by an unconscious desire to avoid something. This means were are attracted to a manifestation purely because of the beauty of the experience, not because of the beauty of the experience in comparison to something else. We are not unconsciously going, "Oh, if only this would happen, then I would not have to deal with ..." That is avoidance, and it has the Pull factor in it. Unfortunately, Pull energy is based fundamentally in inadequacy, which will attract countervailing energies to sabotage you. There is a hidden sense of fear or desperation to it. These are the locks talked about earlier which are tainting the manifestation. See earlier posts in this series. We are basically attempting to pull something in to avoid something else.

The Push factor has to do with impatience. It has to do with residing more in the physical world of phenomena than in the spiritual world of instant creation. If we were in perfect harmony with the energies, there would be no push. We would expect it, but not need it, so there is no struggle. Even when we eliminate Pull factors, there may remain a vague sense of uncertainty, of not knowing whether things will come. We are measuring our success by the manifestation in the phenomenal world. By this very act, the energies are pushed away. The impatience manifests the hidden uncertainty, and lack of trust and faith energies. So when facing this, release the impatience and allow yourself to experience the feelings you think you would experience if the intention manifested. You are pushing and postponing these feelings into the future, thinking erroneously somehow that they cannot be accessed right now. That is the essence of the push factor, and what creates that uncertainty. Trust, and have faith.

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