Saturday, 1 August 2009

Manifestation Series Part 8: The Resonance Principle

I've been harping on about the feminine principle, so here is something on the masculine principle. The ultimate masculine manifestation technique is one that basically involves the use of such intense power and energy that it sweeps through every part of the mind uniformly, transmuting and transforming everything in its path.

The method of doing this is quite simple. Simply invoke the appropriate energies/image to be manifested, and then use a 4-4 breath i.e. a 4 count inhale and a 4 count exhale to increase the attention and absorption. The inhale should expand the lungs upwards and outwards and the exhale should do the opposite. This has an interesting energising impact on the body. I suspect, but have yet to prove, that done correctly this creates gamma brainwaves, which also are the most penetrative of the brainwaves.

Given enough resonating at this pure level, the remnants of energies will begin to align and start to be coloured by this. However, on experimenting with this, I find that immediately after, one's mind descends into quiet, not unlike the quiet after imagestreaming, which makes me suspect the mind transitions to delta immediately after. This is most startling, for it says that at the height of the masculine principle is again the feminine principle, and the energy resonance ultimately has to enter a feminine form to sink in and sustain itself. Thus, it stands to reason that although the masculine principle can sweep up the blocks temporarily, it is dependent on the feminine energies to permanently transform. And the feminine energy template basically creates the limit of potential for a given energy form, what Hendricks calls the Upper Limit Problem.

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